Microdrip Irrigation Projects

We, at Espak Agrotech Pvt Ltd, offer best quality irrigation support development services like Landscape, Farm Irrigation and Green House. We are the pioneering company in providing such kinds of high quality irrigation services at reasonable prices. The company is the reputed name in offering drip irrigation services. Our team of experts is familiar with the needs of customers; hence they are always prepared to provide services as per the specifications of clients. The highlight of the Espak Agro is that survey & designing is free of cost.

ESPAK AGRO deals with the products of Ms. PLASTRO PLASSON INDUSTRIES India) ltd., irrigation & Ms. NAGARJUNA FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS.

Perhaps the most serious challenge of mankind in the 21st century will be the lack of fresh water. Population growth, pollution and climate change, all accelerating, are likely to combine to produce a drastic decline in water supply in the coming decades. Supplies are already problematic for up to a third of the world’s population. As agriculture alone consumes 60% of today’s fresh water, it is imperative that water saving should start from here. The answer is Micro Irrigation.

ESPAK AGRO’s Micro Irrigation business started to address the irrigation problems of farmers living in water and energy scarce regions and also in regions where water, energy and agricultural input (labor, nutrition and plant protection) supplies are expensive. Since then, ESPAK AGRO has accumulated a depth of agronomic knowledge that enables it to respond to the specific needs of a crop and the grower with exactly the right product and service solution.

We offer products and services that ensure slow, regular and precise delivery of water and agricultural inputs to the crop. The result: Optimum growth and healthy plants, fewer pests, healthy environment and substantial cost savings.

Micro Irrigation / Products & Services.

Our products are well accepted in the market place. The mainstay of our product portfolio is a range of ‘Integral drip lines’ branded ‘Easy drip’ & ‘Ecodrip’, and their variants. Our drip installations are functioning successfully in over 40000 hectares spanning a variety of crops such as Sugarcane, Cotton, Banana, Vegetables, Horticulture & Floriculture sites, etc., in five states of India namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat. A team of forty qualified and well-trained agriculture engineers and graduates and a set of seventy distributors support our Sales and Marketing efforts.

We have established high standards for our products and services. We have some of the ‘firsts’ in the industry to our credit such as conducting periodic installation audits, making micro-irrigation systems user-friendly by training the farmers and providing user manuals in local languages, etc.

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