Landscaping & Landscape Support Services

Espak Agrotech Pvt Ltdis the pioneer in Drip Irrigation with more than a decade experience in this industry. We have also carved a niche in the market by offering excellent drip irrigation support services to the customers. Our company is conscious about the requirements of clients, this is the reason that all the products and services are offered as per the client specifications.

The Offered Landscape Drip Products & their description are mentioned below:

Rotary Sprinklers Introduction

Espak Agro made its reputation on the quality, reliability and innovative features found in its rotary sprinkler line and continues to set the benchmark by which other manufacturer’s rotors are judged.

Spray Sprinklers Introduction

From the economical and easy-to-use PS to the full-featured Institutional Spray, you’ll find the spray that best fits the needs of your landscape. Match your spray head with the wide array of nozzles available and you will be able to water even the smallest areas with ease.

Valves Introduction

Control valves are the heart of your irrigation system and ESPAK AGRO has assembled one of the broadest line-ups in the industry. Low flow to high flow, clean water to dirty water, low pressure to high pressure, there is a valve that can take it and work reliably for years to come.

Controllers Introduction

User-friendly features and water-saving options make the ESPAK AGRO controller family the place to look for your next project. Modularity in our Pro-C and ICC product lines sets yet another standard in the industry for easy-to-use controllers.
Central Controllers Introduction

Advanced technology from the Irrigation Innovators. Many of today’s water managers require advanced solutions to meet the demands of efficient irrigation practices. We have the elegant solution for the person with the desire for a simple solution and for the power user that wants complete control.

Sensors Introduction

Rain sensors are a must on any irrigation system, after all, who wants to have their sprinklers running while it’s raining out.. We also offer wind, freeze and flow sensors for special applications that require the added insurance they provide.

Miscellaneous Products Introduction

A faster, easier installation with ESPAK’s swing joints and swing pipe, plus tools that make servicing irrigation systems easier.