Agricultural Horticultural Projects

We are specialized in preparing of Bankable project reports as per the bank norms, which are eligible for back end subsidy from Govt Agencies such as National Horticulture Board (NHB) and also under National Horticulture Mission (NHM). Company shall also represent promoters at various financial institutions, for obtaining financial assistance. And also extend & implement the projects on turnkey basis:We are Undertaking following types of Projects

    • General Horticultural projects with Fruit Orchards, Vegetable Cultivation, and Commercial Horticultural Crops etc.
    • Supply and Installation of Micro Irrigation (Drip Irrigation) system, Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, Specialized Irrigation System with Fogging, Misting, Rain Guns, Quick Coupling Points (QRC) etc for efficient utilization of Irrigation Water.
    • Construction of Different Kinds of Structures like Playhouses, Shade net Houses, Fibre Glass House, Propagation Chambers, Mist Chambers, Fibre Glass houses, Fan & pad Systems, Environmental Controlled Playhouses controlled atmosphere etc.
    • Floriculture projects on Turnkey basis
    • Supply of quality planting material for Carnation, Gerbera, Orchids, Lillium bulbs, Gladiolus Bulbs, Anthurium Tissue Culture plants, Exotic Roses Varieties
  • Technical Consultancy for Cultivation of Different crops.

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